Spreading seeds online (in production and fertile)


Not-for-profit Association to share Life experiences and spiritualism following the base and deep example of Jesus Christ (which is usually very different from the official Catholic Church, unluckily...)

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Dancing notes (Apunts de Ball)

My own notes about the dancing lessons I've took. Freely available, in case they are useful for anyone else :-)
(and for me to find and reuse them easily over time :-)


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1.1.3. D-Recerca.org

Association of early stage researchers and Ph.D. fellows in Catalonia

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1.1.4. Gavarrespedia.org

Encyclopedia of the Gavarres Natural Park & surrounding area.

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1.1.5. Intercanvis.net

For barter networks in Catalonia and surroundings.

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1.1.6. Precarios.org

FJI/Precarios: Federation of Young Researchers in Spain

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1.1.7. R-es (Comunidad R Hispano)

Local groups of users in Spanish of the R software for statistics, deata mining and scientific graphs and reports (see http://r-project.org).

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1.1.8. R-es - IV Jornadas (2012)- Taller3

Website for workshop #3 for the IV jornadas de Usuarios de R en castellano.

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1.1.9. Seeds For Change (Seeds4c)

Seeds for change. Knowledge Seeds that might change your life, and the life of those who surround you if they get "positively infected" by these seeds, that will eventually grow in the future, and hopefully, blossom, cross-polinate, and re-seed again somewhere else... ;-)
(Biomimicry for a social change)

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1.1.10. Sustainability Club website (for IES Abroad Barcelona)

The website allows to use a collaborative FLOSS website with high levels of collaboration, product inventories, local currency, for the whole community of students, faculty and staff for the not-for-profit foundation IES Abroad at his center in Barcelona.
http://iesgogreen.seeds4c.org (former url: http://club.iesbarcelona.org)

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1.1.11. Sustainability Course website (at IES Abroad Barcelona)

From IES Abroad Barcelona, the website allows higher collaboration levels from the students of the university course "ESSO350 Sustainability: Challenges and Responses".
http://sustainability.seeds4c.org (former url: http://iesbarcelona.org/esso350 )

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1.1.12. Tropical design wiki

Collaboration site from an initiative of the Centre for Excellence in Tropical Design, Sustainability & Innovation, from Queensland, Australia.

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1.1.13. UB - Statistics Department (EiB Server)

Webinterface for R pipeline to process Microarray Bioinformatics data.

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1.1.14. UEB - Statistics and Bioinformatics Unit

Knowledge Base plus web databases portal for the Statistics and Bioinformatics Unit ad Vall d'HEbron Research Institute, linked to the University Public Hospital "Vall d'Hebron" in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain.

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1.1.15. UPC - MEIO site for masters students

Masters en Estadística e Investigación Operativa. UPC-UB Universities. Site hosted in the fourier server from UPC to allow students to create their own web interfaces for their R scripts within the context of the Masters.

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1.1.16. Valldelcorb

Not-for-profit association to promote development of a rural area in the southwestern part of Catalonia.

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1.1.17. Waveng

Web site for the research group "Wave Engineering", from the Applied Optics Department, Physics Faculty, University of Barcelona

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1.1.18. World Community Grid contributions

(seeds in development)

Barter networks with CC

Barter networks with Community currency using CCLite in the backend to manage the transactions, while allowing other systems to use the same system for trading.
http://c2c.ourproject.org/tiki Temporarily Disabled

'Mas Franch'

Rural farm-house promoting permaculture, organizing teeaching activites, seminars, meetings, etc.
http://masfranch.pangea.org (proof of concept for http://masfranch.org )

1.1.3. "Som lo que sembrem" Wiki

Not-for-profit association to promote a moratorium in the growth and commercialization of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) in Catalonia. (ILP in the url stands for Popular Legislative Initiative, in Catalan, which was developed to attempt to get the decision made at the Catalan parliament in 2009).

1.1.4. 'Un altre mon és possible' (uamep)

Proposal website to ease the aggregation of information from the 15M movement ni Spain, based on a wiki site with many other additional features for coordination and cooperation of individuals from grass-roots movements in Spain, following the principles of the "Wisdom of Crowds". Proof of concept for the movement in Barcleona city.

http://uamep.org - http://unaltremonespossible.org

This site served as a proof of concept for the new (as of May 2012) site for the Catalan Social Forum:

Seeds in Stasis - serving former content for historial reasons

1.1.5. Cochise

For a research project, still in progress.
http://cochise.bib.ub.es http://cochise.seeds4c.org

1.1.6. Courses at Infoespai/Altercoms coop

Website to support all the courses taught in Infoespai/Altercoms coop from 2005 to 2009; mainly about free software tools: GNU/Linux, Wikis, Collaborative Webs sites, Wifi networks, Voip, Open Office, ...

1.1.7. Gclub

Not-for-profit association to promote "free knowledge" within University of Barcelona. Gclub stands for "Group for the Free Knowledge in University of Barcelona", from its name in Catalan)

1.1.8. Edu.tiki.org

Website to gather all the experiences of using Tiki in educational environments (a little bit outdated, unfortunately)

1.1.9. Moviments.net

Collaboration site for members of a not-for-profit Cooperative in Catalonia, currently named as "Cooperativa Integral Catalana" (formerly known as "Infoespai coop", and "Altercoms coop").

1.1.10. Uniwiki

Research project about testing different collaborative writing methodologies at university level.

Former Spreading seeds online (currently dead or esterile)

1.1.11. Xarx@ntoni

Not-for-profit association to promote cultural activities and community life in the neighbourhood "Sant Santoni", in Barcelona city.

1.1.12. Entitats de la Marina

NGO in the "La Marina" suburb, in Barcelona

Code comits (OpenHub)

Open Hub profile for Xavier de Pedro Puente

See also the documentation pages about Free/Libre Open Source Software and others.

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